How to Write an Essay About a Poem

Writing an essay about a poem is both an enriching and challenging task that students experience in their academic career. Undoubtedly, poetry analysis is a more demanding endeavor compared to the analysis of other forms of literature. Therefore, you should be adequately prepared and confident before you write an essay on a poem. As a precursor, you need to read and understand the poem before you begin your writing. You should prepare adequately and ensure you have enough time to read and understand the poem before you embark on literary analysis. Most importantly, ensure you identify the main point you need to write about to enable you to create a compelling thesis statement that communicates the specific aspects of the poem you are interested in.

A Guideline for Writing an Essay About a Poem

  • Familiarize yourself with the poem: The first step in writing a poem analysis essay is to completely understand it. Ensure you identify different aspects of the poem, such as themes, rhythm, and anything else that will help you to fully understand it. Note that in some cases, you may be required to analyze a specific aspect from two poems. You should read and understand both to become completely familiar with them.
  • Write the poem in your own words: Once you familiarize yourself with the poem, it is advisable to rewrite the poem, even if it is in parts, in your own words. This step is necessary since it will help you overcome difficult words and phrases which are common in poems. As a result, you will not be tempted to ignore any line or part of the poem in your analytical essay.
  • Begin your analysis: Once you are completely satisfied that you understand the poem, you can now start analyzing it to identify its different aspects. This is an important stage since it will help you determine the specific element you will discuss in your essay before you start an essay about a poem. As you analyze each aspect, identify the evidence you have to back up your argument. For instance, you may be interested in identifying the main subject of the poem or the central theme. If, for instance, you identify oppression as the main theme or interpret the poet’s state of mind as oppressed, ensure you have sufficient evidence to support your assertion.

How to Conduct an Analysis in Writing an Essay About a Poem

When analyzing an essay, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The title: Pay attention to the title and try to determine why the author used it for the piece.
  • The poem’s literary meaning: Investigate the theme or the deeper meaning of the poem.
  • Structural presentation: Observe how the speaker communicates to the reader and how each part of the poem relates to the other.
  • Poet’s tone: Try figuring out the speaker’s tone or the persona’s mood.
  • Purpose: Determine the main reason the poet wrote the poem and identify the main subject addressed in the poem.
  • Language and imagery: Focus on aspects such as poetic devices, imagery, and symbols.
  • Rhyme and rhythm: Investigate what rhythm and rhyme reveal about the poem.

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Tips to Write an Essay About a Poem: Structuring Your Essay

When writing an essay about a poem, you should pay attention to its structure to make it appealing and maintain its quality. When you structure an essay, you should understand that its presentation is as important as the content it contains.

Here is an example of a structure you could utilize when you write an essay about a poem:


Like in other academic writing, whether an argumentative essay or a research paper, an explication essay on a poem should begin with an introduction. This paragraph should contain adequate information to help the reader understand the poem you are analyzing and the specific aspects you will focus on. Ensure the introduction is captivating and logically written to smoothly transition your readers to your body paragraphs. Don’t forget to include a captivating thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are essential since they communicate your argument to the readers. Ensure that each paragraph contains one idea. Note that, unlike other essays, the logical flow of your body paragraphs depends on the aspect you are analyzing. You may have an argument that requires a linear presentation since different poems are written using different styles and aspects. Remember to include evidence to create a compelling argument. Don’t forget to cite your evidence appropriately to avoid plagiarism and to give your essay credibility. Ensure your body paragraphs are flawless and use transitional words appropriately to enhance flow.